E is for Expectation (a sort of Haiku)

Every single day
I brush my teeth and wonder:
Is this really my life?

Toothbrush Bristles

Toothbrush Bristles (Photo credit: wwarby)

Notes: When I began drafting this entry about expectations I wrote about how I always seem to have high expectations that no one (myself included) ever seems to meet. I wanted to talk about how this was hard for me but it just came across as bitter and sad. So I scrapped it and started again. I think the above poem sums up the same idea a lot more succinctly, and with a lot less bitterness. And it might even have a note of hopefulness to it, depending on the reader. You may note that I didn’t even live up to my strict 5-7-5 expectation of a haiku*, but rather than try to force the words to fit, I decided to leave it as it is; another symbol of an expectation that I again failed to meet.

*Not everyone feels the same about Haiku structure, and there are many great haikus that do not follow the 5-7-5 format, but as for me and my writing–It’s 5-7-5 or I’ve failed.

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