Intro to Poetry, Day 8: Pleasure

What makes you happy?
Therapists like to
Ask me this question.
I don’t know, I answer.
I only seem to know
What makes me unhappy.

Do you know
What makes you happy?
I ask the therapists.
We’re here to talk about you,
They say as they ask me again:
What makes you happy?

So round and round we go
Until one of us (usually me)
Quits the game and finds a
A new partner willing to play.

The game begins again.

What makes you happy?
I don’t know.
I only know what makes me unhappy.
What makes you happy?

Happiness by Geralt

Happiness by Geralt

Notes: Today’s theme was “Pleasure” and the challenge was to structure the poem using anaphora or epistrophe. The more I tried, the worse it got. While there is some repetition in my poem I’m not sure it would fall under either of those categories. I found the theme of “Pleasure” difficult to write about within the parameters of the challenge. I think I might have written a better poem had I not tried to take on the challenge, but this course is about learning to stretch my boundaries, so I can’t expect a great poem every day.

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