Intro to Poetry, Day 7: Flavour Part 2 (Guest Poet)

Found Poem by H. Julian
Source: Chickadee and Canadian Living Magazines

Notes: Today while I was working on my Found Poem, my eldest son took an interest and decided he’d like to give it a try too. I gave him a few pointers and he got to work. I asked him if they ever read or wrote poetry in school. He said no, the only poetry he had heard was in our house when I read it to him. This made me kind of sad. I think it’s important for young children to learn poetry. I know that teachers are overloaded with things they are expected to teach, but I really hope that the Arts are not sacrificed as a response to this pressure. In the meantime, I plan to have more poetry writing (and reading) sessions with my son this summer since we both enjoyed the experience.

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