Intro to Poetry, Day 3: Friend

What can I say about a friend like you?
Except that you keep me sane and somewhat
Likeable and definitely make me easier to
Live with and be around.
But know that you are not my first choice of friend.
Understand that I don’t mean to criticize and that I am genuinely
Thankful for your presence but also know that I am
Resentful of having to depend on you so much.
I wish sometimes that I could just let you go but I can’t because I
Need you, especially if I want to have any other friends.

Notes: Today’s theme was “Friend” and I the challenge was to write an acrostic poem, which I managed to succeeded in doing. I found it impossible to write a poem around this theme without it sounding either incredibly cheesy or like I hadn’t just ripped off a Hallmark card. And when is this Writer’s Block ever going to end? I thought this poetry course would help with that, and maybe it has but right now I just find anything I write to be really terrible and thinking about that fact is super depressing. Maybe I’ll have better luck tomorrow. Here’s hoping.

If you’d like to contact me about this post or about anything else you’ve read,
please email me: judyamy74(at) or tweet me @JudyAmy74.


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