Intro to Poetry, Day 2: Faces

Do you remember the last time we
Explored each other’s faces in the darkness–
Astounded by each eyelash, and by the soft, smooth lips as we
Reached for one another?

And do you also remember how you said that you
Never meant to hurt me but that there was another
Girl waiting for you in the darkness–
Expecting you to come home?
Laying your hand on my face you brushed
Away my tears for the last time.

Note: Today’s topic was ‘Face” which I found really difficult. I thought the challenge was to write an acrostic poem (which I did) but now that I’ve double checked, I realize that I was completely wrong and the actual challenge was to use alliteration, which isn’t as prevalent in my poem as it might have been had I been trying. The best examples of alliteration that I can see are in the first stanza: the final “s” sound repeated in “faces in the darkness” and also in the third line “each eyelash” and “soft, smooth” but it was all unintentional. I have this sinking feeling that tomorrow’s challenge will be to write an acrostic and I’m not sure if I should write another one or reverse the days and try for alliteration tomorrow? What would you do? I guess we’ll see what the theme is.

If you’d like to contact me about this post or about anything else you’ve read please email me: judyamy74(at) or tweet me @JudyAmy74.


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