Thoughtful Thank You Gifts for Teachers

First off, I don’t want to discourage you from giving gifts to your child’s teacher. It’s a lovely, thoughtful idea. But please make sure it’s thoughtful. People often seem to forget  that teachers are individuals. A one-size-fits-all gift is not the way to go. The homemade baking may be left on the staff room table at the end of the day due to allergies, food restrictions or preferences. The scented soaps and hand lotions might be left behind for similar reasons.  And almost every teacher I know has enough mugs.

Of course, one might argue that it’s the thought that counts, and this is definitely true, but if this is your argument, then please be thoughtful. If you know that your teacher loves fly fishing, then by all means get her some hooks. But if you don’t know, resist the impulse to lump all teachers together.  Teachers are individuals too. It doesn’t cost much to be thoughtful–the gifts I treasured the most during my time as a third grade teacher were thoughtful cards written by either parents or the students themselves.

For the past couple of years, our children have given their teachers something concrete for the classroom and we have given a donation to a local charity in their honour. Teachers spend an awful lot of their own money furnishing their classrooms. Even things as small as a few new Hot Wheels for the Kindergarten car centre or a couple of books for the classroom library are appreciated. I like this type of giving. I feel like it is a win-win-win-win. My kids have something tangible to give their teachers, I get a tax receipt, the charity benefits, and the teacher has a card to read about the impact they had on my children over the course of the school year.

If  a charitable donation is not something you are interested in, there are other thoughtful ways to thank your children’s teacher. Buying an item for the classroom without the charitable donation is thoughtful as well. I also like the idea of amazon gift cards because this gives teachers the option to buy some items for their classroom or to spend on themselves. And who isn’t able to find something at amazon these days? They don’t just sell books anymore.

And when in doubt, just say it. If your kids are old enough have them write a note to the teacher about what makes him so special. As a parent take a moment to jot a few things down on a thank you card about how your child’s teacher has made a difference. These words will be remembered on the tough days and the good days.

Remember: teachers will love anything a child gives them and will appreciate any and all thank you gestures. In this way, we are alike. But please keep in mind that we are also individuals. But as long as you’re okay with knowing that your #1 Teacher mug might wind up at the Sally Ann, just give’r.

Have a great summer break!

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