Warning! (D is for Don’t)

Don’t ever agree (even to yourself) to commit to something you aren’t sure you can follow up on.

I’m only on the fourth day of this A-Z blogging challenge and already I feel more disconnected and disjointed from my writing then I have for a long time. Perhaps it’s because I’m sick with a cough and cold so the only thing I can think of is when I can go to bed.

I suppose an alternate title for this post could be titled Dried Up Creativity. That would be fairly accurate. I’m hoping I can gather more enthusiasm (E) for tomorrow.


One thought on “Warning! (D is for Don’t)

  1. I’m having a bit of trouble withe the challenge myself. I have all the days planned out, and I had hoped to have all my posts written by now, but that didn’t happen. Now I’m trying to squeeze in writing time. My kids and house are feeling mighty neglected. D should also be for “don’t worry about it.” 🙂


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