Terry Fox: Second Grade Edition

Today was the Terry Fox Run at Harris’ school. This year marks the 35th year since Terry Fox first began his Marathon of Hope and Harris’ school was exceptionally lucky to have Terry’s brother Fred Fox as the guest speaker.

When we were talking about Terry Fox and the Run at dinner last night Harris said that he really liked Terry Fox a lot because he was so brave to run across Canada even though he had cancer and a shark bit off his leg. I asked him if he had watched any videos about Terry Fox in class this year, and he replied no, that he had just remembered the facts from first grade. Aside from the shark attack, I’d say his retention was pretty good for a seven-year old. That speaks to the power of Terry Fox.

Harris in his custom made Marathon of Hope shirt.

Harris in his custom made Marathon of Hope shirt.

Then I asked Harris how much money he would like me to send along with him as a donation. I know his school was suggesting a donation of one dollar per student and I was curious as to what  Harris would say.  He was adamant that the donation should come from his piggy bank, and not from us. When I asked him why, he repeated that  he really liked Terry Fox because he was so brave and that he wanted to give all of the money that was in his piggy bank, which is a pretty decent amount. When I told him that Paul and I would match his donation because we also ‘really liked Terry Fox’, Harris said he wished he had more money to give.

I know Harris is a pretty great guy, but what is particularly interesting to me is that we basically let him do what he wants with his money–there are no rules regarding amounts to be saved or spent or given–and yet he chose to give so freely and generously. I’m really proud. I think sometimes we are so focused on who we want our kids to be that we forget to notice how awesome they already are! 

Terry Fox has always been one of my heroes, but I have to say that today I added another name to my list.

Note: I’ve already written once about Terry Fox and Harris, when he was in Kindergarten. If my original post isn’t suggested at the bottom of the page, (and you want to read it) just use the search function. Cheers!

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