Valentine’s Day 2015: A Facebook Found Poem

Because I intervened
Valentine’s Day will
Never be the same.

My little neighbours
Were screaming:
Mommy is dead.

I felt like a
Big Mama Bear
As I
To my neighbours.

I pounded on their door.
The abuser opened.
I yelled.
He left.

Mommy lay unconscious,
With Baby beside her.

Days later,
My stomach still turns,
My anger still fresh.

Why did I intervene?
Possibly putting myself and
My boys
At risk–

23 years ago,
That was me.

And my neighbours did
To help me.
They turned a blind eye.

So I intervened.

–J. Amy & J. MacDonald, 2015

Notes: This is a new form of poetry I am working on. It’s an exercise of sorts and I’m not sure how successful it will be, and I would appreciate any feedback you may have.  I’ve always been interested in how social media, particularly Facebook, guides our behaviour and the words we choose to use to tell our stories. When my friend updated her status with an account of her Valentine’s Day, I saw the poetry potential within the lines. J.MacDonald has graciously allowed me to use her words and transmediate the text. Most Facebook status updates are pretty short, so I’m not sure how many poems like this I will be able to craft. Nonetheless Facebook friends, don’t be surprised if I ask you to collaborate on a poem with me–your words might be just what I’m looking for.

If you would like to contact me about this post or about anything else you’ve read please email me at: judyamy74(at)gmail(dot)com or tweet me @JudyAmy74


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