Remembering: A Poem for Stan (1970-2013)

A place to share your life with

Many status updates seem to infer that:
Everything is super positively hunky-dory
(regardless of actual truth)
I LOVE (insert heart or smiley here)
My family!
My friends!!
My co-workers!!

This one was different–
A status updating
A note with a final goodbye.
Comments made below
Couldn’t save him.

The  place he shared his death
His family,
His friends,
His colleagues.

We need more
Than likes and shares
More than
Emoticons representing how we feel
(or how we present ourselves as feeling)
More than

We need
People to share our lives with.

–J. Amy Amy
November 2013/Revised November 2014


Notes: It’s been a year since I received some heartbreaking news. A friend of my partner’s posted a goodbye message on Facebook before taking his own life.  He was kind, gentle, and compassionate–one of the good guys. Stan’s death was the fifth person whom we had lost to suicide in 5 years, and the second one in 2013. This poem was an attempt to try to work through some of my feelings, particularly my struggle with the social media aspect of it. I was lucky to have known Stan and although I didn’t know him well, I will never forget him. He was that type of guy.


One thought on “Remembering: A Poem for Stan (1970-2013)

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