X is for X-Rated

It’s been a long time since I’ve worked on my alphabet series. W kind of took off, and then came X. I hate alphabet books because of the letter X. It’s always the same–xylophone, or for extremely lazy wordsmiths, it’s Xmas or something like that. I guess I’m an extremely lazy wordsmith, since I don’t really have a proper X word to write about either.

X is for X-rated. Pornography. It’s out there. Everywhere. It’s easier than ever to access, even if you’re not really looking for it. Google Traditional Folk Dances and you’ll see what I mean. Parents like to think that their children are protected from this sort of thing by putting parental controls on the computers and having the computers in a communal area of the home, but with over 80% of boys watching porn online by the time they’re 18, it’s hard to say “it’s not my kid”.¹ It’s pretty much everyone’s kids. Including our own.

I’ve been spending my free time today researching for this post by reading articles about teenagers and pornography, listening to radio programmes on the subject, and watching documentaries. It makes for a pretty depressing Friday night. And I still don’t even know where to begin. So here’s the deal:

Listen to the radio program, Ideas: Generation Porn to get a (mainly) male perspective on the subject.

If you are in Canada, watch the documentary, Sext up Kids to get a (mainly) female perspective on the subject. If you’re not in Canada, you can access a radio interview with the director.

And for god’s sake, talk to your kids. Honestly. Without shame. About real world sex.


1. Sext up kids. Dir. Maureen Palmer. Perf. Ann-Marie MacDonald. Media Education Foundation, 2012. Film.

Further Reading:

Telegraph Article on Better Sex Education

BBC Article on Pornography Education in Schools

CBC Sext Up Kids Documentary Facts and Resources

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