Catalina at Home (A Postcard sort of story)

I open the door, throw my keys into the bowl on the side table which is supposed to be just for keys, but which at this moment also holds three lipsticks and a lone earring.

Mitzy runs toward me, yapping non-stop. I go into the kitchen, refill her water dish and turn on the radio. I grab my lemon-infused super water that I bought at the new health store on the weekend and plop down on the couch next to my laptop.

I boot it up and check my profile. How many potential mates are waiting for me today?

English: This is my dog. His name is Doodles. ...

English: This is my dog. His name is Doodles. He is a half Pomeranian and half Chihuahua. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Notes: This post is a hybrid of two writing workshops that were part of my Summer Course. The first one was to take someone from real life whom you didn’t actually know (ie the mail carrier, the grocery store clerk, the man from the dog park) but whom you saw on a fairly regular basis. The next task was to imagine that person’s life and have that person become a character for you to write about. Finally you are to enter your person’s home and begin writing. The second workshop was one that I led, which involved taking a postcard or photograph and writing a story from the image in one hundred words or less, one that might fit on the back of a postcard. The writing in the above story is based on both of these workshops–my character and her home is taken from the Familiar Stranger workshop and the format is taken from the Postcard Story workshop. I rather like the character of Catalina, and I hope that she returns another time.

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2 thoughts on “Catalina at Home (A Postcard sort of story)

    • Thanks. I enjoyed writing it. I haven’t written fiction in a very very long time, so I’m hoping to do a bit more and hoping that familiar strangers will continue to inspire me.


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