Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Wow! A few days ago, WordPress saw fit to honour me with Freshly Pressing a piece I wrote on the passing of Robin Williams, and the role social media played in terms of grieving. ( I didn’t exactly know what this meant until my inbox started to explode with likes, new followers, and re-blogs. Up to this point, my blog has pretty much flown under the radar, but in less than 24 hours after my post got  “Pressed”, my followers have more than doubled.

To the thoughtful people who wrote such very kind words about the post and my writing, I thank you. I am humbled.

To those of you who are new to this blog, welcome and thank you! I hope you will continue to enjoy the writing you find here.

To those of you who have been loyal from pretty much the very beginning (that’s you, Maria) I thank you for believing in me and supporting me along this journey.

I’m beginning to sound like I’m at an awards show or something, so I’ll end here.

Now if only someone could convince my mom that my blog is worth following . . .

If you would like to contact me about this post or about anything else you’ve read please email me at: or tweet me @JudyAmy74


15 thoughts on “Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  1. Well done on the ‘Freshly Pressed’ thing. That’s a helluva achievement. I’ve been blogging for three years and never even been ‘Lightly Squeezed’ so I can hardly imagine what its like. As for Robin Williams. The more you read about him, the sadder you get, which is always the sign of a life well lived.


    • Thank you for your kind words, Peter. I suspect it probably had more to do with the timeliness of the article, as opposed to the quality of the writing, but I won’t say I’m not pretty pumped about it. It is very true what you say about Mr. Williams–the more of the story that is revealed, the sadder it is, as it might be with all of us. I enjoy your blog very much–I am not much of a commenter, but I am slowly trying to start being more social. If you don’t hear from me, still know that I am a loyal reader and follower. Cheers!


  2. As you already know, I’m very new here at WordPress – I was looking for a blogging site to post my own thoughts about suicide, and I remembered that a friend of mine uses WordPress to post some of her writings. So I thought I would give it a try. After I posted my blog, I stumbled across your blog, which was the first one I read since joining. I’m so glad I did, and I want to say a huge CONGRATULATIONS on getting Freshly Pressed! Way to go!!


    • Thanks again, Tina Marie! I hope I don’t disappoint you. My blog is kind of a hodge podge of lots of stuff–sometimes I write poetry, sometimes (not that often) I talk about my family, often I talk about issues I care about, and once in a while I talk about my struggle with depression and eating disorders.


      • It looks like we share the same kind of writing – a mixture of this and that, I also enjoy writing poetry and short stories/novellas… and I hope you enjoy some of my stuff as well! Keep writing, even during your darkest moments – putting it down on paper (well, in this case, cyber paper) and getting it out of your system is one of the best avenues to help make you feel a little bit better!


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