Blue Woman #3 (Rough Draft)

Blue Woman,
Blue Woman:

One side of a coin.
You tell your story
I’ll tell mine.

But it’s always been
Tails for you,
Hasn’t it,
Blue Woman,
Blue Woman?

Your art discarded,
Because it would be
A simple task for you
To sew another jacket.

Your voice silenced
In the negotiations
As your husband,
Smoked the pipe
And made the agreement.

You and I are not as different
As we might seem,
Are we,
Blue Woman,
Blue Woman?

Staying in the background
Our presence felt
Yet not acknowledged
Our light hidden in shadows.

Your look of determination
And the love strewn
Throughout your hair
Makes me think
It’s our time,
Blue Woman,
Blue Woman.

You and me,
Blue Woman.
This is our
Time to shine.

Now is the time
For our story
To be told.

Notes: Today we had a workshop at the museum entitled We Are All Treaty People. We saw many artifacts associated with some of the treaties signed between the colonialists and the First Nations people. There was a piece of art included in a display. It was a applique wall hanging with beads, created in 2004 by Patricia Ningewance Nadeau, entitled Blue Woman.I was taken with it the first moment I saw it. It was a circular piece with the head of a woman on it. The woman’s face was done in blue beads and throughout her hair lay a crown of hearts lay. The image mirrored that of Queen Victoria on one of the treaty medals also in the case. When speaking with the curator of the exhibit we learned that women’s art in the form of beaded sashes, jackets, and table runners were not highly valued as it was understood that the woman could easily recreate such an item. This got me wondering about the role of Indigenous women during the crafting of the Treaties. During one of our writing sessions this afternoon, I worked on a series of Blue Woman poems. None are even remotely finished and all are extremely unpolished, but I wanted to document this experience so here’s a rough draft of one of them. Unfortunately, I cannot share a picture of this piece of artwork on this blog, so you will have to imagine a most beautiful, proud, determined Blue Woman. However, if you really need a visual follow the link below and you will see an image of the art at the bottom of the article.


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