W is for Wooed (An Extra W Bonus)

Well my friends, you may have noticed that I haven’t been around for a while. A few things happened on my way to the second and third part of my W series. First off, my kids have been CRAZY and with Paul working nights, I feel like I am barely even able to get everyone fed, dressed, and off to wherever they are supposed to be, let alone take time for myself to do any writing.

But that’s not the main reason. The main reason is that one of my friends tweeted Gap and Gap Canada about my last W post (in case you missed it, here’s the link): https://thinkdreamdo.wordpress.com/2014/04/26/w-is-for-why-why-gap-why-part-1-of-a-3-part-series/

To my amazement, Gap Canada responded with the following statement:

@Friend’s Name Hi there, thanks for sending us this eloquently written feedback. We’ll be sure to pass it along to our team.

Eloquently written feedback! I was so excited that on the advice of my friend and against my better judgement I joined twitter, so that I, the author of the eloquently written feedback, could contact them myself! I tweeted the Gap and Gap Canada as well (at least I think I did, I’m not entirely sure if I did it correctly) and invited them to contact me to discuss my “eloquently written feedback.” Needless to say, neither Gap nor Gap Canada responded to me.

English: jacket cover of Dominate your market ...

English: jacket cover of Dominate your market with Twitter – UK edition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In the meantime I spent all my spare time trying to learn and understand twitter, and was, for the most part, unsuccessful. I was wooed by the idea that I could reach a wider audience with my writing and I started daydreaming about being an internet sensation (or at the very least gaining a few more followers) It didn’t turn out that way. Like anything in life, I discovered that joining another social media outlet or writing one eloquently written blog post would not make me any more successful a writer. Only hard work and dedication (combined with some eloquent writing) would help me succeed. And I’m only partly ready to start on that journey.

It might also be telling that the day after I joined, Twitter’s shares dropped to the lowest they had ever been since they went public. Hmmm . . . what does that say about me?


I’m still there (on twitter) but I’m hoping to be back here a lot more. This is my comfort zone. This is my happy place. A place free from hashtags. However if you need some eloquently written 140 character words of wisdom or want to educate me about the benefits of twitter, tweet me: @judyamy74 I’d love to hear from you.

If you’d like to contact me about this post or about anything else you’ve read please email me at: judyamy74@gmail.com or tweet me @JudyAmy74.


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