N Bonus: N is for New Look

I’ve been trying to learn a little bit more about the technicalities behind blogging. For example, I’d like the emails that are sent to my followers (you, Dear Reader) to be the beginning only, and not the post in it’s entirety. If you are only reading my entries via email, you miss seeing the full effect. So, yes, I’d like you to have to click in your email to open up my blog to finish reading the entry. Would that be too much work? I’d love to hear your opinion. (I think) And if you know how to fix my email updates, could you let me know?

At any rate, I’ve decided to delve into things a little bit, so bear with me while things get (un)settled for a while. I decided to start my technical education by choosing a new theme. I thought this would take a moment–in fact, it takes a lot of moments and could definitely be considered a time-waster. So any comments about the new (or old) look would be super appreciated.

So, don’t be shy. If you know how I can shorten my email posts, or you love (or hate) the new look, let me know! I have a (somewhat) thick skin. Actually, that’s not true at all, I am super sensitive with very thin skin. But I will take what you say gracefully. At least, I’ll do my best.


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