N is for Nightlife

The noise gets louder as she
Hits her stride and gains momentum
Calling out my name.
My head pounds as I head toward her;
Regretting the gin I had earlier.
Her hair is disheveled; her eyes wild.
Reaching for me,
She embraces me and I hold her
For what seems like an eternity.
She is mine.


N (Photo credit: chrisinplymouth)

Notes: I’m not happy with this poem, but since I’ve been struggling with it for a while and don’t want to get stuck on N forever I decided to release it, as is. My goal in writing this was an attempt to juxtapose my life now with that of my youth.  In many ways, the nights are much the same. I still don’t get enough sleep, and the theme of distraught girls needing me continues, only in this case it is my daughter who calls out for me in the night.  And I still like my gin.

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2 thoughts on “N is for Nightlife

  1. So good…your note really made a difference on what I took away on a second reading. It’s a strong piece of writing, glad you put it out here.


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