G is for Good Enough

As I sit and edit my resume
I take another look and wonder:
Is it
Good Enough?

Times have changed since the last time
I handed in a resume.
Last time, I chose thick, heavy paper–
Now I hit send.

Last time I
Dressed in my best suit
And combed my hair
To impress the person
Behind the desk.
Now I use words that I hope
Will catch the computer’s attention.
How can I be
Good enough
If I don’t know the
Right words for the program?

If you looked at me,
Gave me a chance to
Explain myself,
Just took a moment to
Talk to me
I might stand a chance
Of proving to you that
I am
Good enough.

More than
Good enough.
Really, really great actually.
But instead, you’d rather let your computer program
Decide on whether my words are
Chosen carefully enough
To pass the application screening.

So who will you get then?
Not me.
Someone who
Chose the right words.
Someone who knows how to navigate
Through inane on-line questionnaires
Whose answers reveal little (if any)
Depth or quality.
Someone who may be just
Good Enough.

(But then again
Might not.)

And where will I be?
I’ll be back at the computer
Wondering if I’ll ever be
Good enough
To figure out the right words
To say to your computer.

English: Program counter

English: Program counter (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Notes: Recently I filled out an on-line application form so that I could apply for some teaching positions within a school division. I was frustrated by the fact that when the drop down menu appeared for me to choose why I had left my previous jobs, there was no option for me to select Maternity Leave, which is the reason I left both of my teaching positions. The School Division’s website clearly stated: No cover letters. Resumes only. Without having a chance to market myself for the job and explain my absence from the classroom (let’s face it–I can’t stamp in red ink on the top of my resume: I am a mom of a 5 year old and two-year old twins and while awesome, also makes it hard to look for childcare and a job, hence the gap in my work experience) I felt my application and resume looked a bit weak. I found the experience to be really demoralizing. I know that I am a really great teacher and that I would bring experience and passion to any position, but I don’t think that’s evident just from looking at my resume.  And there’s really nothing I can do about it. Well, that’s not entirely true. I need to start networking more and figure out the buzz words I need for my resume to stand out. Sometimes I just wish interviews were granted based on something other than buzz words. I should also mention that I am not 100 years old and I don’t actually hate technology. Sometimes I just long for the days of human interaction.

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8 thoughts on “G is for Good Enough

    • Thanks. I’m not actually actively pursuing employment at this time. I just wanted to comment on how different things are in that we now submit resumes in our pajamas and the lack of face to face contact in the whole job search process.


      • There seems to be an incareasing lack of ‘person / personal’ in so many areas of life –
        the human race has advanced so remarkably, but in many words the tide seems to be turning us into numbers now, rather than individuals. (In many ways – not all!)
        You have a really interesting blog, Judy.
        Emma. 🙂


      • I completely agree with you Emma. Almost a year ago, I had a friend post his suicide note on social media and I was powerless to do anything except watch the sad event unfold. Social media is great in so many ways–I’m chatting with you right now after all–but I don’t think it can ever completely replace the human connection.
        Thank you for your kind words about my blog. Cheers!


      • Absolutely Judy – Social Media can be a forum or an outlet for many things – used privately sometimes, with no real intention for a massive audience – though more often seeking one.
        But human connection, if sustained, means that someone knows you well enough to really be able to care.
        Best wishes to you,


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