Show and Tell or Subversive Parenting?

Harris is in Kindergarten this year. And with Kindergarten comes Show and Tell. Every Monday morning. Every Monday. Did I mention that Show and Tell is every Monday morning?

Madame has rules in her class about the types of items she wants (or rather doesn’t want) brought in to share with the class. Understandably, toys are not really encouraged. Madame sent home a list at the beginning of the year suggesting that the students bring in items such as collections, books, something they have created, or photos. Well, it’s now nearing the end of February and I feel we have exhausted our collection of collections, we rarely print out our pictures, and Harris can only create so many pieces of art on demand.

I’ve volunteered in Harris’ class on Show and Tell days and what I’ve observed is that very few parents follow Madame’s suggestions. Toy after toy after toy comes out of the backpacks. Except for Harris. Every Sunday night he asks to bring a toy and each time we steer him in a direction that we feel to be a bit more suitable, as per Madame’s guidelines and also maybe to use the opportunity to show off a bit. (Confession: we might have prepped him and sent him with a science experiment to perform for the class one time) Today he brought a favourite book to share with the class and planned on pointing out the stamped page that proudly states: From the Library of Harris J. Lastname. This got me thinking a little bit. Who is this Show and Tell really for? Is it a chance for Harris to share what he loves with the other students or is it a chance for me to highlight his creativity, individuality, and love of reading to Madame? Without saying a word, I am hoping to convey my child’s greatness (and my stellar parenting) through these chosen items.

Am I overthinking this? Without a doubt. However, I do hope that Madame appreciates the influence I wield over Harris’ Show and Tell presentations if only for the sole reason that she doesn’t have to comment on yet another Monster High Doll or Monster Truck? (Why are there so many Monster things in Kindergarten?) Maybe it’s okay for me to highlight all the creativity and individuality and personality that my son exhibits. It’s an acceptable form of parenting, right? We all want our child to stand out from the crowd and make an impression so why not start with Show and Tell? Subversive parenting at it’s finest.

And on the subject of subversive or subtle messages, check out Harris’ new shirt:HarrisEqualRights2Feb2014EqualityShirtHappy Monday!

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2 thoughts on “Show and Tell or Subversive Parenting?

  1. I’m always trying to get Kian to bring non-toy items. We got the same instructions as Harris’ class did. But he keeps asking to bring toys because the other kids are. I’m tossing in the towel already, tomorrow (his day is Tuesday) he’s bringing a toy.


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