American Standard


As I bend down to embrace you
I realize it’s been
Far too long since
I’ve felt your cool touch.

I’ve been away from you
But you’ve never been far from my mind.
Your cold manner reassures me
That I am back where I belong.

Although I loathe myself
For reaching out to you,
I can’t help it.
I’d like to be free of you (but)
I can’t control myself since
You control me.

You are always there for me
Silently waiting for me to
Return to you (and)
Completely surrender to this relationship
That disgusts me
Yet fulfills me.

The private moments we share
Are both abhorrent and
Simultaneously I feel both
Powerless and

I rise again.
Determined not to renew this
But your pull is too strong.

I know I can’t be your
American Standard.
But I can keep trying.

I reach down for your cold embrace.
I am back where I belong.


American Standard Brands

American Standard Brands (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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