Two will be Two–A Birthday Poem for Archer and Tamsin

Two will be two.

In the beginning
When the two of you were just
A thought,
A dream,
A vision–
I conceived of you as one.
And yet you were two.

And now that you will be two
It’s harder to justify
Classifying you
As a unit.

Every moment
You two change
Reminding me that you are your
Own individuals
With your own distinct personalities.

Yet the two of you
Who share so many things
Also share a bond that
Most can only marvel at and envy.
Separate, yet together.

You two,
My two,
Are two.

Photo Credit: Tallula Wilkie (all rights reserved)

Notes: 20/11 2011 was a day that changed our lives forever. I just discovered (thanks Google) that November 20th is Children’s Day, which is kind of pretty much the perfect day to have twins.



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