New Paint Haiku

The living room walls
Freshly painted Polar White
Marred by orange crayon.

English: Color mark from Crayola "Orange&...

English: Color mark from Crayola “Orange” crayon. Self made. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

–November 18, 2013

Notes: We had our office painted a few months ago, a lovely colour called Silver Drop–white with a barely there tinge of grey. I liked it so much I suggested we repaint the rest of our house the same colour. After a few discussions over whether we should paint a room at a time or the entire thing at once, and where we would go when the house was being painted; we realized that a new paint job in the common areas of our house is not going to happen for a while. When our first born was younger we were in charge of the crayons and markers, but now we have (almost) two-year-old twins with an older brother who is not the most reliable about putting crayons and markers away. Almost every day it seems as though we have a new design on our walls. So, farewell Silver Drop–for now, anyway.


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