Five Leaves

We were supposed to collect

Five different leaves

Over the weekend.


We forgot and

Monday morning came too quickly.

We ran out the door,

Grabbing leaves in

Our front yard and then

Ran for the bus





–September 25, 2013



Leaves (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Notes: As my (loyal) readers (Hi Mom!) have noticed, there haven’t been a lot of posts from me in the last little while. It’s been a hard and busy couple of months. Our beloved dog died and following that, Kindergarten started for my oldest son. To top it off, one of our twins has decided that she enjoys being awake for an hour and a half to two hours a night. I feel as though I am barely able to keep my head above water, let alone write or set aside time to write. After dropping H. off at the bus stop this morning, I walked back and noticed that I was noticing and really observing the leaves. I decided to come home, and write something (anything) about this experience in the brief twenty minutes before my meeting started. So, here it is. Not perfect, not polished, but written.


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