Shell Shock and Uncertainty

I had plans to write a different post today. Plans change. Today my friend sent me a newslink with a query–did this guy teach us? He looks familiar. My answer to her was yes–he taught us.

He only taught us for a brief term and I think it was Social Foundations of Education or something to that effect. He was a quiet lecturer, but interesting. I admired him, respected him, believed that he had ideas worth listening to. I was pleased to read comments on my assignments like “This is superior to the general level of papers I tend to get from Education students” He not only taught me to believe that change could happen within our school system, he made me believe that I could be part of that change. Like I said, I admired him.

I was not the only one who respected and admired him. He was well known internationally regarding Educational Reform and Educational Policy. I thought the link my friend had sent me might have something to do with his achievements. Not at all. The opposite.

He was arrested this morning on numerous child pornography charges.

I feel sick to my stomach. I feel angry and betrayed. I feel like I’ve been one of the world’s biggest dupes. Since I heard the news, I’ve been berating myself for having admired and respected this man–how could I not see that he was unworthy of this? What did that make me? Somehow I feel that by having appreciative and interested in his theories and ideas that I have been tacitly condoning this other side of him. Like somehow if I (and others) had only been able to see, it wouldn’t have happened–which is completely crazy, I know. I’m torn–is it possible to appreciate and respect one’s ideas and disregard the other aspects? This is what I am struggling with. Is it possible to separate all the good that he has done for Educational Reform and be appreciative of that while denouncing the other terrible things? Do I discount all I learned from him? I don’t know. I am still shell shocked.




2 thoughts on “Shell Shock and Uncertainty

  1. Over and over again I am continuously shocked when I see pedophiles and their ilk in the court system and they do not look like the bogey man. They look like respectable people, they have respectable jobs, nice families and do nice things for others. The truth is this: they are sophisticated hunters that pursue highly guarded and prized prey. So they fool nearly everyone. Don’t feel stupid.


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