(un)finished business

Writing ball keyboard

Writing ball keyboard (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve noticed that behind a lot of my poem titles, I tend to clarify them as being “unfinished.” It’s true that had I time (we all have the time, we just need to make the time) and/or inclination (unfortunately right now I have a severe case of lethargy and a touch of apathy which tends to be a bit disabling for a would-be writer) I would definitely want to work on the pieces to add to them, alter them, revise them. But does that mean they shouldn’t be on my blog? I’ve wondered this out loud before and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that if I were to wait for everything I put on this blog to be perfect or finished, it would be a pretty blank canvas. So, I’ve decided that I will no longer fret about this and I will stop adding the caveat “unfinished” to my work. Yes, it’s unfinished, but that doesn’t mean it’s unpolished or unworked on–there’s a difference. I work at my writing and only put it on the blog when I am satisfied that it is ready to be released, so to speak. So, here’s my statement of intent regarding my blog writing–it’s an (un)finished business, and that’s okay.


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