Creativity Project Self-Evaluation

I found these writing self-evaluation questions and prompts on-line for a university course and felt they were a good place for me to begin evaluating myself. I have altered and edited the questions to make them more relevant to me.

  1. What piece of writing was easiest for you? Why? What does that suggest about you? I think the piece of writing that was easiest for me to post was the poem For J. It was written several years ago and I have always liked it and felt fairly confident about it. For this reason, it was the easiest for me to post. I think this suggests my initial hesitation about delving into a medium that I hadn’t been active in in several years.
  2. What was the most challenging part of the Creative Project Assignment? I think the most challenging part of the Creative Project Assignment was journaling about the process, with specific reference to our readings. I do feel like I failed on several occasions in regard to this. How did you deal with the challenge and what was the outcome? I feel that I did my best to discuss the Creative Process as I understood it and how it related to my writing and poetry. So, perhaps I didn’t specifically quote the readings, the process was still being investigated.
  3. In what ways has your writing improved or changed during this class? What aspects did you choose to work on and to what effect? I think the most significant change for me has been my confidence level. When I first started I was extremely critical of everything I wrote and hesitated before posting it. After a while, I started to gain more confidence and began releasing myself from the restrictions I had put in place and just let myself enjoy the process. This is when I feel the poetic viewpoint (see post Thinking Poetically) really started to come into place. I chose to focus on poetry, but not to limit myself. I allowed myself to explore different areas of interest to me. I think this was most effective in keeping me engaged in the blog. The freedom of not having to post be a poem was liberating.
  4. What activities have helped you work most on your writing?  What for example, was the effect of peer review? Class discussions, listening to the radio, making a conscious effort to really listen and observe my children all helped me with my writing. In my case, peer review would refer to other bloggers who stumbled onto my posts who would write encouraging comments. Again, this helped with my self-esteem issues, which is tangled up in this whole process of making my private writing a little more public.
  5. What post did you learn the most from and why? Which piece of writing are you most proud of and why? I learned the most from the poem about losing my dad to cancer. (see post 2/3: An Unfinished Poem) I learned how deeply the Creative Process can affect one, and that the effects may not always be positive. The piece of writing I am most proud of is the poem, For J-Revisited (see post: for J-Revisited) because it helped me re-visit an old relationship and a recent encounter with that person that left me feeling like things were unresolved. Somehow the act of writing this poem gave me a feeling of resolution. This was another moment when I realized the power of the Creative Process.
  6. What do you wish you worked more on and why? Did you do more or less than was expected of the professor? Why or why not? I wish I had worked more on interweaving the readings on the Creative Process when discussing my writings. I think perhaps in this respect I did less than was expected of the professor. However, I did find it difficult to both create something new and also to comment on it in terms of the readings. I feel as though I gave the majority of my energy to the creative writing portion and less to the journal commentary, although I did feel as though I was starting to get the hang of discussing my poems near the end of the term.
  7. Are you the same thinker, reader, or writer who began the class? If not, what is different? I think I am a different thinker, reader, and writer. My confidence level has improved, but more importantly my consciousness of the Creative Process has really come to the forefront in a big way. (see blog entries: Thinking Poetically and Poetic (Im)balance) I think that this helps me as a thinker, reader, and writer.
  8. What was the most useful part of this project? The most frustrating?  I think the most useful part of this project was also the most frustrating. Relating our creative endeavours to “the things we discuss, do and research in class” I feel like I didn’t go into as much depth as I could have regarding this. However, I do really feel it caused me to consciously pay attention to what it was I was doing when I was constructing my blog posts.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed this project. It’s made me more confident as a writer and it has reconnected me with the creative process and reaffirmed the need for me to have a creative outlet that I can sustain. I definitely feel that I will continue writing on this blog and continue crafting my poetry. In last night’s post I was writing about attempting to live the poetic life–an endeavour I will continue to strive toward by thinking poetically and creatively and to keep the creative lense on.

June 12, 2013

Original Self-Evaluation Questions and Prompts edited and adapted from:


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