I’ve been thinking a lot about cancer lately. Maybe it’s because I am now 2/3 the age my dad was when he died of cancer. I’ve also been thinking a lot about superheroes. I attribute this to H.’s superhero play. So, it only made sense that I connect the two. Oddly enough, just recently my friend M. alerted me to an article about a hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil which re-branded their Children’s Cancer Facility. The theme–superheroes. The entire area was re-designed to look like a place fit for superheroes. Covers were created for the IV bags to with logos based on characters from the Justice League. The chemotherapy was re-branded as Superformula. Warner Brothers also got involved, issuing special comic books about the superhero characters going through similar experiences to kids fighting cancer. This type of creativity is beyond words. I’ve included the link to the article that inspired me to write about this astonishing piece of creativity at the bottom of this post–have a Kleenex handy.

Note: This post is dedicated to my friend E. whose little boy L. fought so valiantly against the villain that is cancer. L.’s superhero strength will never be forgotten.



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