Laundry Haiku

Boxer briefs and socks

Mingle with the delicates

Waiting to be washed.


–May 29, 2013


Notes: The inspiration for this poem came from one of my facebook statuses a while ago: Laundry. My one constant. Every day it seems as though I face an insurmountable amount of laundry and I think that’s why I chose the haiku as my framework–an attempt to contain the laundry. Today in class we discussed what inspires us.  In a case like this poem, I would say the everyday inspires me. Laundry is a testament to our daily lives and the people with whom we are most intimate. I am interested in attempting to write a number of laundry haikus but am not entirely sure what that will look like.


2 thoughts on “Laundry Haiku

  1. Your laundry Haiku could inspire a whole lot of similar haikus based on those mundane everyday things. The Japanese talk about crickets, crows and blossoms in theirs. Why not socks and dishes?!


    • So true, Liz. All things household seem to be good material for haiku. I’m obsessed with the laundry though, so I think I’m going to try to see if I can mine it for more.


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