Thinking Poetically

One of my assignments for my class (and the reason for starting this blog) is to work on a creative project and to track the experience in journal form. I decided to revisit my creative writing, specifically my poetry. In the last week or so, I have really started to work at this in earnest. My progress and the process is really fascinating to me. I feel as though I am seeing things poetically, feeling them poetically, and thinking about things poetically. My mind is whirling with words and images at all times of the day. This is what I have denied myself for so long–this chance to do something creative for me. When I was teaching, I often felt as though I was very creative with my students; however, more often than not, I would come home from work exhilarated but exhausted with no creative energy left for myself. My watercolours that I had begun to dabble in fell by the wayside as did my writing, except in the context of my class and my students. I felt as though I gave all of my creativity to my class and left my personal self empty. It was rewarding, but somewhat of a hollow reward. Now that I have had a few years away from the classroom I realize that perhaps I gave too much to my students. I wonder if creative teachers do manage to find balance, and if they do, how do they manage it?


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