Value: From the Creativity Wheel Questions

Make observations about value of others’ work and own work: How often do I pause to allow for time to discuss each other’s work and the child’s own? I try to build this into my writing time, but have to be honest, I haven’t really done it in terms of visual art. I’m not sure why not.

Overcome problems: In working on a project do I encourage children to solve problems themselves rather than solving it for them? I certainly hope so.

Reviews progress: In the course of a learning experience do I give children the time to stop and think, to discuss their progress with others, to express how well they think they are doing? I would have to say, probably not enough time. I think that part of this difficulty lies in the fact that I haven’t found a great solution that works with thirty 8year olds.

Uses and transfers previous knowledge: Do I observe children making use of learning in one area and applying it to another? Are there opportunities for this kind of transfer of knowledge in the way I teach? Do I make connections? I definitely think so to all of these questions. The difficulty  lies in making the connections authentic and not forced.


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